Google Desktop Search Download

Google Desktop Search Download

It still says Beta, but its very different from an earlier incarnation of the desktop search.

Right now its indexing all my mail (700 Meg) in Outlook and my files (80 & 120 Gig). Its been crunching most of the afternoon.

Google Desktop will compete with Lookout. I use Lookout to index my mail and files. Its pretty awesome, with most searches taking <3 seconds. It doesn't have boolean searches, but typically I don't need that feature anyway. Also, Lookout was purchased by Microsoft and Outlook 2003 is a 'base' application for me.

I'm testing on my primary home workstation and will note any issues and cost/benefit of Google Desktop versus Lookout.

Current Status:

Note: one-time indexing is in progress.
Indexing is performed when your computer is idle.
Outlook email is only indexed when Outlook is open.
92,930 items indexed so far.


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